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 Who we are

The Centre Holistic in Deia offers a wide range of treatments, including massage, musculoskeletal massage (physiotherapy based treatment), deep sports massage, reflexology, kinesiology, rife machine therapy and AN-DI treatment. At the Centre we have an experienced team of therapists working; whether you are in need of a relaxing massage after a long work schedule, a cyclist passing through in need of a sports massage or maybe someone with food allergies and would like to seek some knowledge around this, we have something for everyone.

At the Centre Holistic, we work synergistically with conventional medicine, an integrated approach, as we realize that all medicine may have a part to play in one's healing journey to really gain holistic wellness.

Holistic (derived from the word holos in Greek) medicine means looking at the whole person, not just a symptom or a part of the body, and to completely heal the body from disease using a holistic approach, we look at the person on a physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual level. Nutrition also plays a massive part in our overall health – you are what you eat.

At the Centre Holistic, our aim is to support you in your own empowerment, to help you to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and we are here to guide you on that path. The Centre is an educational platform.

We will be inviting practitioners, doctors and visionaries to come to the Centre to do presentations and workshops on various subjects.
Here are some of the ideas we already have in the pipeline:

How to use the Chinese moon calendar
New complementary ideas on cancer treatments
Bowen therapy demonstration
DoTerra pure essential oils talk with Functional Medicine practitioner Khelga Coopper
Reiki workshops
What is a Rife Machine?
The dangers of electro magnetic radiation from cell phones/WiFi
Creating your own soul map
What is NAET?

Jane Winterbottom, founder of the Centre Holistic in Deia is a kinesiologist and NAET practitioner who also has a long history of working in the music industry as a DJ, sound engineer and songwriter. Jane will be producing her own music CD's which will be played and sold at the Centre. Music can play a huge part in the healing process and is a very powerful tool.

We will also be offering documentary nights where you can come and join us to watch films on various topics.

Deia is a strong community and we aim to add to the essence of this by bringing to the village this concept of holistic wellness - what better place than Deia, one of the most stunning places in the world, to be synergistic with its’ nature and endless possibilities and to be inspired by its’ beauty.

We are the Centre Holistic in Deia and we are inviting you to join us on our path - the human potential.

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