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 What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a gentle system of muscle testing that can be used as a diagnostic tool, to look for imbalances in the body. The idea is to find and then correct these specific imbalances, which will then allow the body to become well again.

Kinesiology is such an amazing discovery and it is steadily gaining popularity worldwide, as a very useful tool in identifying root causes in disease.

Various types of practitioners, including medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, physical therapists and veterinarians, now use kinesiology.

Kinesiology works on the person as a whole, using naturopathic techniques alongside the muscle testing, including nutrition, herbal remedies, flower essences, chakras (Indian medicine), homeopathy, chiropractic and acupressure points (Chinese medicine).

Kinesiology was invented in the 1960’s by an American chiropractor named John Goodheart. He initially discovered that there was a connection between certain muscles of the body with each of the 14 meridian (energy) pathways, which also correlated with each of the major organs of the body e.g., the fascia lata muscle correlates with the large intestine and the large intestine meridian.

We use finger modes to “talk” to the body while testing the muscle.


Kinesiology is a very useful and effective diagnostic tool - to find imbalances in the body, and then supporting the body’s own powers of healing to bring about wellbeing (homeostasis) once again. Kinesiology uses a gentle system of muscle testing to guide the treatment. Kinesiology is a painless, gentle and non-invasive treatment and is suitable for everyone.

You don’t have to be ill to receive benefits from kinesiology - it is a great way to manage a healthy balance in the body, as a preventative measure against illness and dis-ease developing.


When you call up and make an appointment, you will be posted or emailed a simple questionnaire to complete, to return before your appointment. This will give you a chance to reflect on what you are looking for from the treatment and also to give the kinesiologist time to assess your current health and lifestyle.

The first session will involve an in-depth consultation, followed by an evaluation using muscle testing.

During the muscle testing, you will lie fully clothed on the treatment couch while the kinesiologist uses gentle pressure on one or more muscles to test the resistance of the muscle to allow the practitioner to pinpoint internal imbalances. When an imbalance is located, the practitioner will focus on finding the most effective treatment to support the body in gaining inner harmony.


This depends on how long you have been suffering from your health issue and also the nature of the problem.

Structural problems, for example, shoulder or neck pain might need treatment on a regular basis, maybe weekly, whereas if the body requires nutrition/nutritional supplements, the body is therefore being treated every time you take a supplement and visits to the practitioner may only be needed once a month.

As your overall health improves, the visits will become less frequent. You may wish to still come once a fortnight or once a month to keep the body in balance as a preventative measure, helping the body to stay healthy.

Please note:
You can also just come for a one-off treatment – maybe you are on vacation and would prefer to have a treatment aimed solely at relaxation and stress release. You do not necessarily have to fill in the questionnaire for this kind of treatment.


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