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 What is naet?

NAET is a drug free, non-invasive holistic treatment, which eliminates allergies from the body. It eliminates all types of allergies, and after the treatment, the client can then be exposed to these allergens without any adverse reactions.

NAET is not a new technique, but rather a mixture of old practices including:

  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture (Chinese medicine)
  • Kinesiology
  • Nutrition
  • Conventional Western Medicin

NAET can be used to treat people with mild to severe allergic reactions, and can be used by infants and children, adults and debilitated people.

NAET is a treatment that helps the body to eliminate an allergy to something. That something could be a toxin, i.e., an insecticide, petrol, etc., but it also could be something that is generally quite healthy for the body, i.e., eggs, potatoes or wheat etc.

The body has an ability to detoxify a toxin through the liver, but if the body has an allergic reaction to that toxin, the body does not detoxify the allergen correctly, so it stays in the system, circulating around the body, causing various physical symptoms.

In western medicine there is no treatment for allergies, only avoidance of the allergen, and the risk of this is that the allergy can become more of a problem with repeated exposure, which sometimes, depending on the allergen, may be unavoidable.

NAET offers the prospect of relief to people who suffer from constant ill health from allergic reactions by reprogramming the brain back to full health. NAET reboots the nervous system to overcome allergic reactions affecting the body and the brain, just as we reboot a computer.

During your on-going regular NAET treatments, your body recovers it’s health and you begin to feel healthier and healthier, as your allergies become less and less.


NAET works by unblocking energy blockages in the meridians. If left, these blockages may lead to functional imbalances in the body, and this effect can lead to disease. By eradicating the blockages in these energy pathways, disease can be overcome and the body can restore itself back to health. NAET aims to regenerate normal energy circulation through the meridians.


NAET can also unblock those imbalances in the meridian system which are caused by emotional issues, for example, a relationship problem with the client and the client’s mother, a bad relationship with money or an inability to move on from an emotional mind set, on a subconscious level.


An allergy is an over sensitivity to a substance (or substances), which can often be harmless or even beneficial to most people, those with no allergy to the substance(s).

An allergy can be caused by:

  • Skin contact with the allergen
  • Ingestion of the allergen
  • Inhalation of an allergen
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Therapeutic massage
Deep sports massage
Sound healing with crystal bowls

The allergy then causes symptoms ranging from mild to extreme, for example, a runny nose, asthma, bowel problems, headaches, mild itching, fatigue or general tiredness to extreme swelling of the tissues, and severe anaphylaxis (which can be life threatening).

When the body has hypersensitivity to a substance, the substance then becomes an allergen and as the body is exposed to it, it alerts the immune system in the body, which then instructs the white blood cells to produce immunoglobulin type E (IgE) to arouse the release of the chemical defence forces, like histamines, from the mast cells, which causes the body to experience abnormal symptoms.

An increasing number of people working in the medical profession as medical doctors and research scientists are now bearing in mind that allergic factors may be the cause, or are at least involved in many illnesses and diseases.

You can become allergic to any substance, anything you come into contact with.


Doctor Devi S.Nambudripad had suffered greatly with her health since her childhood, before following her journey into various medical professions, and finally on to discovering NAET, which she came across by accident. She had pursued a career in various types of medicine because of her own ill health, particularly those related to allergies, as she began to realise that this might be the cause of many diseases. By the time she invented NAET, she was a qualified medical doctor, a chiropractor, a kinesiologist and an acupuncturist, so she had an in-depth understanding of how the human body functioned.

Doctor Devi is a Hindu, and first started to realise that her ill health was caused by allergies through her religious fasting periods, which was a time when all she consumed was water, and no food during these religious holidays. During this time, her symptoms would be completely eliminated the following day, and as she reintroduced various foods after her fast, her symptoms would always recur. Doctor Devi’s own personal experience with her extreme food allergies was what led her to finding this innovative discovery.

Doctor Devi was on a very limited diet as she was allergic to most foods, and sometimes she got so tired of just eating broccoli and white rice, and so would eat other foods, which unfortunately gave her allergic symptoms. As she was eating a food substance that she knew she had an adverse reaction to, she was doing acupuncture on herself at the time, and realised that the allergen was not showing any symptoms while there were needles inserted in her body. From this experiment, she realised that there was a connection between allergens and energy blockages in the meridian system.

Doctor Devi developed this new treatment for allergies using her extensive knowledge in all these disciplines, a treatment that can eliminate allergies permanently. She now lives a healthy life, symptom free from all her previous allergies.

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